Sailing Lessons – Nova Scotia

Learn To Sail!
One of our most important goals is to provide guests with a hands-on sailing experience. While some of our guests have a little, or sometimes significant prior experience, the great majority are brand new to sailing, and we use this opportunity to offer beginner sailing lessons during your charter.

If you are brand new to sailing, Captain Greg will give you a practical introduction, standing by while you are at the helm of No Rush II. You’ll quickly learn how a sailboat uses the wind, to know where the wind is coming from, and how to steer the boat in any given wind direction. You’ll try this on all points of sail – upwind, downwind, across the wind. And you’ll discover the magic of how sails act like airplane wings, providing lift and driving the boat forward using clean, quiet wind power alone.

You’ll also have the opportunity to work with the sails – from raising them, to handling the sheets and lines that control the sail shape and make them work effectively in whatever direction the wind is coming from.

Once you start to get comfortable with steering and sail handling, we can look at how to navigate using our state-of-the art electronic charts and navigation instruments.

For our more experienced sailing guests, the big opportunity is to try what you already know on our boat – No Rush II – a 35’ passage-making sailing sloop of 8 tons displacement. Captain Greg will be happy to coach and provide advice so that you will enjoy the feel of sailing this very capable cruising vessel.

Beyond the experience of sailing No Rush II and using her navigation suite, Captain Greg is always delighted to help point you to continued sailing lessons available from others, online and at clubs and sailing schools closer to your home port.

For those who are thinking about acquiring their own first sailboat, Greg is also happy to answer questions and provide advice and information to help you along that journey.